Monarch Butterfly Festival

The Monarch Butterfly Festival gives visitors a hands on experience with live Monarch Butterflies flying around an indoor garden created just for this day. The day is full of great activities, from holding a caterpillar to catching a butterfly outside or eating Mexican food in honor of the Monarch Butterflies’ migration to Mexico each winter. Visitors will also learn how they can help a butterfly whose population is at record lows.

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2016
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Price: $8 Regular Price; $6 Friends of the Nature Center $6 Children Aged 3-15, Free 2 and under


There is something for every age group to enjoy!Monarch Festival 2011-2
Some of the activities at the Monarch Festival are:

  • Free-Flying Butterflies– Experience more butterflies in one place than you ever have before.  Make sure to bring your cameras as we encourage guests to take pictures and post them so everyone can see.
  • Hold a butterfly– Have you ever held a butterfly before? This is a chance to get up close and personal with a Monarch Butterfly and maybe even experience something new!
  • Hold a Caterpillar– Remember the good ol’ days when you used to catch toads and look for caterpillars? This festival will allow you to relive some of your younger days and hold caterpillars once again.  Your children will love all the hands on activities that occur throughout the day, holding caterpillars being just one of them!
  • Watch and learn how scientists tag butterflies– We would know very little about the migration habits and life habits of monarch butterflies if scientists had not developed a tagging system for them.  This system does not hurt the butterfly at all and gives everyone else an inside perspective on their lives as a butterfly.  Watch live and experience these butterflies being tagged right before your very own eyes.
  • Butterfly Garden Tours-The volunteers at the Jamestown Audubon work extremely hard throughout the year to keep our gardens looking beautiful.  Come check out some of the spectacular gardens here at the center.  Some of the gardens are even tailor designed to attract more butterflies!
  • Butterfly Plant Sale– Do you have a garden at home that you think is out of date or boring? This butterfly plant sale is for you! Buy plants such as milkweed that not only look gorgeous, but will increase the butterfly population at your house and make all the neighbors jealous.
  • Children’s Crafts– Are you tired of telling your kids to turn off the TV or stop playing those video games? Come to the Monarch Festival and let them do age specific crafts instead.  There will be soemthing fun for every age group that attends!
  • Tee Shirt Sale–  Adult shirts $18, Child sizes $14.  Wait till you see how cool these nature-themed shirts are!
  • Be a Monarch photo opportunity–  Make a photo with your face on a giant butterfly or caterpillar!
  • Butterfly Release Ceremony–  4:00pm – all tagged Monarchs will be released and sent on their way to Mexico!